About Me

If you ask me about my passion, I quickly answer “writing.” From sports editor of my high school newspaper to my first reporting job to a public relations staffer for a community college in the Colorado Rockies to my newspaper career, writing stories kept me going.

After earning my journalism degree at the University of Northern Colorado, I quickly put my skills to work for several radio stations, where I produced, wrote and edited news stories. When I transferred those skills to the newspaper industry, I blossomed.

I wrote about a myriad of subjects, from breaking news to human interest feature stories to business, government and politics. Along the way, I refined and updated my skills and talents, maintaining an emphasis on being as fair, accurate and objective as possible.

I learned well, as my stories garnered many awards and tributes from both those I wrote about and my readers. They appreciated my ability to tell a good and fair story, to effectively explain technical subjects, to get an emotional reaction— that a-ha moment — to wake them up to a new way of thinking or acting. To make a difference.